Villa Lysis soundtrack


If you have been recently to Villa Lysis in Capri after they respectfully renovated it to its old splendor, you may remember hearing a CD playing in the background.

The mix of the acoustic guitar playing and the beautiful voice of the French singer were fantastic and absolutely perfect for Villa Lysis.

The CD is the following: Les Amants Solitaires by Nicole Renaud. She’s a French soprano that recently moved to live permanently in Capri.

You can even find her CD inspired by the Sonnets by Baron Jacques Adelsward Fersen on Spotify, following the link below:

The tombstone of Baron Fersen at the Capri cemetery, overlooking the Marina Grande

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  1. I know Nicole Reynaud as she is a friend of a good friend and we just exchanged an email as a matter of fact. It was around 10 years ago we were suppose to meet up at a restaurant in Capri she was performing at and the water was so choppy the captain of the boat cancelled our trip!

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