Do people in the UK care about losing their free movement rights after Brexit?

By speaking with some of my dearest British friends living in London, I understood the following:

  1. They trust their government will do the best out of Brexit (as an Italian, I was appalled by this approach as in Italy we have been taught the hard way never to trust our own government or their promises).
  2. They have been explicitly promised by the government that with Brexit nothing will change for them except that there will be less immigrants entering the UK in the future.
  3. They all have their busy lives (kids go to school, crazy boss at the office, mortgage to pay, etc.) and Brexit did not really impact them so far: I was surprised, for example, that not once they raised the Brexit topic with me first.
  4. They believe eventually nothing will change as the EU and the UK will find a last-minute agreement to safeguard their rights and keep the current status quo.

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