The Premier League has the “top six” where matches between them are always engaging. Is there an equivalent top six clubs in La Liga, Bundesliga and Serie A, or is the competition in these leagues dominated by fewer clubs?

In the 2000s in Italy’s Serie A, we had the 7 sisters (Juventus, AcMilan, Inter Milan, Lazio, Roma, Parma and Fiorentina).

In those golden years, the Serie A was undisputedly the best league in Europe as well as the most difficult and engaging: the best players from all over the planet went to play there.

These were the years of astronomical investments made by Italian tycoons who purposely decided to gain exposure on the Italian scene by pouring a lot of money in their teams in order to buy the best players available on the market.

These teams were called the ‘7 sisters’ because during the 2000s any of them could have won the Scudetto and every season’s Scudetto was up for grab by any of them. The matches were also incredibly challenging and no top team could face any game being sure that they would have won it.

The sunny days did not last much and in the early 2000s, Parma, Lazio and Fiorentina collapsed under the weight of financial frauds and colossal debts.

Shortly after those collapses, Roma’s main shareholder, the Sensi Family — being unable to meet the requests by their perennial victory-hungry supporters — also gave up and sold the team to certain American investors.

A few years later, this occurred also to Inter Milan (sold to an Indonesian tycoon) and, finally, after 7 years of basically no investments, even to AcMilan (recently sold to a group of Chinese investors).

In these last 6 seasons, Juventus dominated the Serie A with basically no team matching their dominance over the league.

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