What is the best way to build resilience?

Start achieving results: from the smallest task during your daily life to gradually the bigger goals you set up for your journey.

As soon as you will achieve (small and big) results against the adversities (downfalls, lack of motivation, adversarial circumstances, lack of support, etc.) you will grow more confident of your incredible strength and ability to pass above those obstacles.

This attitude will start building up with very small tasks already: that is why it is a very common advice to start doing your own bed in the morning, as this annoying, small little task — achieved first thing in the morning — will hardwire into your brain that you can achieve results even if they look dreadful at first. In this respect, small or big achievements do not really make a difference.

Resilience is built upon the strength that you already have and the confidence that you discover to have.

Nurture these two factors and you will build up a stronger resilience every day.

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