Will there be a ‘no deal’ brexit?

In hindsight, it seems that this was the Conservative Party’s plan all along:

  1. First by recklessly triggering the Art. 50 declaration without knowing what kind of Brexit it wanted, and not even establishing a dialogue within the UK Parliament or the UK public;
  2. Then by setting up a series of artificial red lines which are impossible to achieve without multiple breaches of International agreements and/or disruption of current wealthy status quo of the UK economy and well-being and/or disruption of any remaining good-will with the other EU-members;
  3. Then by agreeing a Withdrawal Agreement with the EU and misleading the EU that this Withdrawal Agreement would have had the support of the UK Parliament while instead showing that the UK Government had simply the head in the clouds of Fantasyland all along;
  4. Now time is almost over: there are no Parliamentary days (nor political will, to be honest) to actually reopen the Pandora’s Box and renegotiate the Withdrawal Agreement, even with a three-month extension (probably even a 300-months extension would not be enough to square the circle).

My understanding is that there will be further exercise in pantomime from the Conservative Party, ever more detached from reality and legal obligations and imbued of fantasy, unicorns and exceptionalism, until the end of March 2019.

Then I’m afraid there will be either “no deal” Brexit or Brexit will be scrapped (only if Theresa May and her Tory party find a way to save face and blame somebody else).

I’m sorry for my beloved British friends, to be honest.